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Want to make an impact?

Look no further.

There's still a chance to become one of the first 20 employees at the award-winning startup Karma! We are looking for ambitious but humble developers who want to make a real difference through designing and building a spectacular platform, with the ultimate goal of eliminating food waste.

Karma is growing fast (we were recently featured on AppStore!) and we need your special set of skills to get shit done, improve our development processes, and make Karma the world’s first impact tech unicorn.

We are looking for 6-8 people within different areas to hire immediately. If you can check off a few of the keywords below, you should send in your application.

Environment, food waste, great food, collaboration, inclusive, learning, technical debt (we’re watching you!), remote work, microservices, Docker, cloud computing, Linux, JavaScript, iOS, React, Node, Go, Elixir, React Native, Swift, machine learning, data analysis, UI, UX, design, fun.

Imagine getting to hear every day that what you are building is wonderful.

Karma is battling one of the world's largest issues - the overproduction and waste of food.

Our vision is huge - We will be the resource-optimization platform for the food industry, making sure food waste never happens.

Our first endeavour on that quest is the app Karma - where restaurants, cafés and grocery stores can sell their excess food to customers for unbeatable prices. A true win-win-win!

Karma was just featured on AppStore and is highly praised, recently adding huge partners like Scandic. We are growing faster and faster, expanding access to Karma by the day.

Karma was founded in 2015 by a team of entrepreneurs with a highly diverse set of skills and previous startup experience. Behind the success is also an all-star team of investors who are all highly engaged in Karma.

Working at Karma

Your first day at Karma will probably be a complete mess of impressions. Our office is a smelting pot of collaboration and activity. There’s a lot of whooping and clapping, because we believe in celebrating as often as possible. Don’t worry though, it’s all part of the grand plan.

We believe that every employee should feel that they have a mandate to make decisions. Keeping a flat structure and including everyone in the design process increase the throughput of any team. The route between idea and execution is extremely short at Karma, but our goal is that you should have the why, the how and the when for any project. We want you to feel ownership of, and responsibility for, our product.

Moving very fast might be especially worrisome for you as a developer - we tend to be perfectionists. Building the smallest possible version of a feature and then validate it in production is not for everyone. Don’t worry though, we keep a careful eye on our technical debt, as the blessing and the curse it is. “Build the perfect product and they will come”, said every failed startup ever.


We nurture our culture and office environment to the best of our ability, currently only limited by our wallet and imagination. We love to work together on projects, hold events for friends and family, play video games, have a beer or two, and generally just build that special bond. Hanging out at the office is the number one way to get into that Karma groove.

That said, we have realized that all is not made to fit the same frame. Therefore, we have embraced remote work for our development team. We want to make sure that we can employ the best people for Karma, wherever they might be. But working remotely is an additional complication when you want to be as inclusive as possible, which is why we require you to constantly give feedback on how to improve our development processes.

We expect you to learn every day, and then tell us about it, constantly improving the team. You should make yourself proud, and grow together with Karma.

But most of all, we are having fun. We are working hard to build a product that the whole world desperately needs, and it’s incredibly rewarding.

Our stack currently look something like this. It’s a lot of fun to work with, but we also have a long way to go until it’s just right.


When we want to hire someone, we are looking for fire and initiative. If you are a fit for our team, it does not matter if you are an expert at some part of our stack or not. Learning is easy for someone with motivation.

You are also humble and positive. Even though all of us come from different backgrounds and have different skills we all have in common that we listen to each other. There is no room for big egos at Karma.

You are a doer. If you are stuck you make decisions that take you forward.

You see solutions instead of problems.

Open developer positions

These are some archetypes we are looking for. We will of course find any combination of these positions just as relevant. Karma is still small enough to have you dip your toes into every part of our system. If you want to.

Design focused frontend developer


You are a frontend developer who loves to code, but have your heart in the design space. You will be working close to our designer in the prototyping phase of new features, while still having one foot in the technical realm. We expect you to have a design oriented portfolio (your own, or something like Behance / Dribbble).

You want to work with: UI, UX, JavaScript, React, HTML, CSS, animations, micro-interactions, canvas, SVG.

All round frontend developer


You will whizz all over our platform (including our React Native apps) implementing layouts and making awesome user experiences. If you want to do backend stuff as well, you are more than welcome.

You want to work with: JavaScript, React, React Native, Angular, CSS, HTML.

Technical frontend developer


You will write code all over our platform (including our React Native apps), but your main focus will be to develop our processes when it comes to tooling, unit testing, bundling and such. We expect you to have a broad understanding of the ins and outs of modern JavaScript. You probably really like React (we use react-redux and react-saga) and you should know webpack and some testing frameworks well.

You want to work with: React, React Native, Angular, testing, tooling and designing development processes to make the team as efficient as possible.

Tinkering backend engineer (devops)


You will be working close to our CTO and help design our devops processes. You will be required to write code, but your main responsibility will be to gently massage our microservices environment until it's happy (servers, logging, backups, testing, deployment, availability, redundancy). You are expected to help design the system going forward.

You want to work with: Cloud computing, Linux, containers (Docker), PostgreSQL, NoSQL, Nginx, Node, Go, Elasticsearch, Kibana, Logstash, continuous integration, continuous deployment, JavaScript and general system architecture design.

Backend developer (microservices)


You will be writing and designing services (and frontend if you want to) in whatever language is preferable (we like JavaScript right now, but we are also flirting with Go and Elixir). You will also work together with devops in designing our system architecture.

You want to work with: Node, JavaScript, Go, Elixir, PostgreSQL, Nginx, Docker, testing, cloud computing.

Data driven backend developer (data analysis/processing)


You will be writing and designing services mainly in our backend (and frontend if you want to), but you will also keep an eye on tooling and methods to make sense of all the data we have. You probably have a taste for big data and a grasp on basic analysis of patterns and such. The goal is to find data to assist us in making informed decisions on where to take Karma.

You want to work with: Node, JavaScript, Docker, PostgreSQL, NoSQL, "big" data, data analysis, Elasticsearch, Kibana and whatever tooling a data analyst might need (wait, who mentioned Excel?!).

Robotized backend developer (machine learning)


You will be writing code all over our platform, but you will also start looking into how we can leverage machine learning to make Karma even better. You probably have an interest in recommendation systems, algorithms, regression analysis, decision trees and neural nets. Let's build systems greater than the sum of it's parts!

You want to work with: Node, JavaScript, Go, Docker, PostgreSQL, NoSQL, microservices, machine learning, data analysis.

Lead iOS developer


You will take main responsibility for development of the Karma iOS app, which was recently featured by Apple on AppStore. The app is built in Swift 3 by Hjalmar (who is also moonlighting as CEO) and is in pretty good shape (the requirements to get your app featured is mighty high). We expect you to be fluent in Swift and well versed in Rx. The position comes with the additional perk of sometimes being able to bully our CEO into coding Swift.

You want to work with: Swift, designing and implementing new features, polish, performance enhancements, eventually taking a team lead role, and possibly dig into React Native and modern JavaScript if time allows.

Join the adventure!

If you want to take part in our journey (and make it your own) - make your pitch to work@karma.life. (Send one or many of: cv, letter, code samples, design samples, previous work, photos of that special party trick, a video pitch or whatever else might impress us.)
Let's get to know each other!

And obviously, if you know someone who you think would like building stuff at Karma, send them our way ❤️.

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