One third of all food is wasted.
We're changing that.

Food has an expiry date,
our planet shouldn’t.

Food waste has increased by 204% since 1960 and 50% since 1990
Yearly CO2 emissions from food waste is equivalent of 3 million cars
Globally, we lose 1 trillion dollars each year due to waste food

10 billion tonnes of food is produced annually, 1/3 is wasted

We are wasting one third of all food and out of all food waste, 30% comes directly from retailers, like restaurants and cafes.

Food overproduction

Food waste* is a trillion dollar economic problem with serious environmental consequences. Every year…

  • 20% of dairy products are wasted
  • 35% of fish and seafood are wasted
  • 45% of fresh produce is wasted
  • 20% of meat products are wasted
  • The average European wastes 173kg of food every year
  • The average European household throws away £1800 in food annually

*Food waste simply refers to any edible food that ends up in a bin. It can be thrown away by farms, shops, restaurants, or at home. Food waste also happens as a result of industry standards. Producers assume that people will only buy the most 'normal' looking products. As a result, they throw away the 'ugly' ones before they even get on the shelves.

There is a solution

It’s challenging for businesses to estimate the daily or weekly consumption patterns of their customers. As long as the food industry has waste, we need to join our forces. With Karma, it’s easy for businesses to maximise resources, while making a profit.

Together, we're making an impact!


tonnes of food rescued


meals saved


tonnes of CO2 saved

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