10 food waste pioneers to inspire you take action

With everything that is happening out there in the world, we’re trying to stay proactive, positive and passionate on our mission to support local businesses to cut their food waste. Now, more than ever we need to support our communities, keep our local businesses alive, help the vulnerable and use our time at home to reduce our food waste too.

It’s at times like these we can really shift our thinking and make a difference, which is what these incredible pioneers are doing right now on their continued mission to fight food waste. From charities intercepting surplus fruit and veg to feed the vulnerable, to our favourite chefs and campaigners helping us to cut our food waste while we’re stuck at home.

Here at Karma we’re committed to supporting our local restaurants and cafés who all have unprecedented levels of surplus food for you to take home. Whether you’re picking up for yourself or your neighbours, we’ve put steps in place to make sure you can do it safely.

Here are 10 food waste pioneers we’re supporting right now:

Tom Hunt
is a food waste activist, campaigner, co-owner of award-winning ethical restaurant Poco and author of new sustainable cookbook, Eating for Pleasure, People & Planet. Stuck at home? Order a copy and find out how you can cook in a way that considers how we farm, trade, eat and throw away food.

Food in Community
collects fruit, veg and other sustainable produce that would otherwise be composted or thrown away by local farms and producers, and delivers it to the most vulnerable in society. Their volunteer-run operations are ramping up to send as much food as possible to charities, food banks and community groups for those who can’t afford to stockpile during this time. Do you live in the Devon area? See how you can help out.

Similar to Food in Community, The Felix Project is a London-based charity that urgently needs your help. They collect unsold fresh food destined for the bin and deliver it to the most vulnerable. With their services under strain, they’re calling out for donations or volunteers to help them out.

Douglas McMaster
is the man behind Silo, the world’s first zero-waste restaurant. A maverick in the world of food waste, he launched his restaurant on a mission to create a pre-industrial food system. He’s had to learn the hard way, he claims, making absolutely everything from scratch and working directly with producers to cut unnecessary waste along the supply chain. Silo was forced to close its doors last week but we’re sure it’s not the last we hear from Douglas McMaster. Read his zero-waste manifesto, Silo: The Zero Waste Blueprint to inspire you to rethink your waste.

London-based catering company, Elysia has saved more than 9 tonnes of artisanal British produce from going to landfill since they launched in 2017. Serving up sustainable dinners and meals to Londoners, they also run brilliant food waste workshops. Now they’re teaming up with local independent suppliers and farms to deliver food essentials to your door.

We can’t get enough of chef and cookbook author Melissa Hemsley’s latest cookbook, Eat Green. It’s all about helping the everyday cook to waste less and eat more sustainably, and her Instagram is full of ideas too. Try this all-day traybake brekkie or this storecupboard Lentil & Any Bean Chilli.

Anyone else binging on podcasts? We’re addicted to Hubbub’s What On Earth: The Sustainable Podcast. Hubbub is a brilliant educational platform. Alongside their podcast, they run inspirational, practical campaigns, a blog and YouTube channel covering everything from food waste to fast fashion. Their community fridges are dotted around the UK where you can either drop off your waste food or pick it up. Listen in to find out more about how you can eat and live more sustainably.

is a great mobile app for food-sharing, aiming to reduce food waste by connecting those with surplus food to those wish to help reduce food waste! The food can be raw, cooked - anything! As long as it’s edible of course.

Rubies in the Rubble
make epic condiments from fruit and veg that are considered too misshapen or wonky to make it to our supermarkets. Their ketchup and chilli mayo should definitely be in your fridge, and you can order online too.

is a campaign group on a mission to transform our food system to help better nourish people and the planet. Founded by Tristram Stuart who wrote the brilliant Waste: Uncovering the Global Food Scandal (add it to your reading list!), Feedback has a gleaning network that organises nationwide trips to farms to harvest produce that farmers aren’t able to sell. They also work to lobby government and big business to cut their food waste and improve industrial meat production among lots of other initiatives. They want to help feed those in need during this time: any ideas for them? Answer their callout here.