Eat saved food from Karma at home

Our engagement to our community in Coronavirus time

At Karma, the safety of our community (both our users and our retail partners) is our top priority. Since the COVID-19 outbreak and with the second wave facing us, the coronavirus is creating a strain on our food system. Local restaurants are struggling to keep open due to reduced sales.

We stand with the hospitality sector and support them in any way we can but also take a more proactive approach to prevent food waste.

Here is how you can help #supportyourlocal and #reducefoodwaste:

1. Support by rescue food on the app

Restaurants and cafes have more food waste than usual right now. With Karma, food always comes with a discount.

When you pick up your food for yourself or your family, be a stranger, and walk on your own, don't bring your crew. Stay at a decent distance from others. You know the regulations right? And stay home if you have any symptoms, food waste allergy included.

Open or download the Karma app here

2. Forward your order to a friend

Since recently you can with our forward feature also forward an order to a friend to pick up, either for themselves or for them to bring to you.

This is a beloved feature in corona times. Share some love and feed a hungry stomach with delicious rescued food, while supporting your locals.

Try the forward feature here

3. Subscribe to fruits and vegetables, delivered to your door every week

We have different Karma boxes containing odd and funny-shaped fruits, vegetables, and other goods that give the little extra. It is simple and valuable.

We want to create a better food system with decreased food waste, by helping great food find a new home. Your home.

More info about Karma boxes here

4. The pink Karma fridge in several grocery stores

We have several fridges in common areas, malls, and offices within Sweden. Since many of these places are temporarily closing or becoming inaccessible for you, we are moving these fridges to different new grocery store locations.

This means that you can shop your regular groceries with a discount in the Karma app, and collect your order at the Karma fridge located at that grocery store.

Karma fridges exist at several grocery stores:


Coop Dagslivs, Solna Centrum, Kvantum Lijleholmen, Hemköp Sabis Fältöversten, Hemköp Gullmarsplan, Petite Sabis, ICA Kvantum Sickla, ICA Kvantum Farsta, Filmhuset Bar & Bistro, ICA Stop, Täby, ICA Supermarket Skogsås

Other cities:
ICA Odenhallen, Östersund, ICA Kvantum Emporia, Malmö, ICA Maxi Stormarknad Partille, Maxi ICA Stormarknad Välsviken, Maxi ICA Stormarknad Kungsbacka, ICA Kvantorum Höganäs, ICA Kvantum Ystad, ICA Kvantum Södra Sandby, ICA Maxi Allingsås, Maxi ICA Stormarknad Kungälv, Maxi ICA Stormarknad Karlstad

More fridges are being shipped to grocery stores every week.

Are you interested in getting a fridge to your store?

Info about getting a fridge here

Safety comes first

These are complex times, and things are changing quickly. We take the COVID-19 situation seriously and stay up to date with local government guidelines.

According to the latest research, there is no evidence of infection spread via food or beverages. To ensure the safety of yourself and others, and to help stop the spread of the coronavirus, please:

  • Stay home if you have symptoms, even mild
  • Only travel with local transportation if needed (we recommend a healthy walk or bike ride to your local stores)
  • Avoid peak hours in traffic and shopping areas
  • Keep a safe distance from other people
  • Wash your hands regurarely

For more information about Karma and our efforts due to COVID-19, contact us.

Are you a business that wants to start selling with Karma?

We help you get started on the day! Just register here, and you will be able to sell your food to our 1 million users the same day. We stand by the hospitality sector in these hard times.