Eat saved food from Karma at home

Our engagement to our community in Coronavirus time

At Karma, the safety of our community (both our users and our retail partners) is our top priority. With the COVID-19 outbreak creating uncertainty, we are unsure how this will affect us over time. 

This, in combination with a heightened demand for grocery stores and home deliveries, is creating a strain on our food system. Local restaurants are struggling to keep open due to reduced sales. Grocery stores as well as delivery services are under huge amounts of pressure due to the high demand.

Here at Karma, we will be offering support, due to our unique situation:

  • We are already working with over 7,500 restaurants and grocery stores in 225 Swedish cities and suburbs.
  • We have already established a payment system to enable selling and buying food digitally
  • Last but not least, we are in contact with over 1 million Swedish households who use Karma regularly

During this crisis, we will offer increased capacity to deliver between restaurants, grocery stores and wholesalers directly to the consumer’s doorstep. We want to stand with the hospitality sector and support them in anyway we can but also take a more proactive approach to prevent food waste.

Here is the list of our current initiatives:

1. Delivery of orders made in the app

Restaurants and cafes have more food waste than usual right now. With Karma, food is always half price and now you can get it delivered to your door, within Stockholm.

More information about home delivery here

In addition, you can with our new feature also forward an order to a friend to pick up, either for themselves or for them to bring to you.

2. Subscribe to fruits and vegetables, delivered to your door every week

We have different Karma boxes containing odd and funny shaped fruits, vegetables and other goods that gives the little extra. It is simple and valuable.

We want to create a better food system with decreased food waste, this by helping great food find a new home. Your home.

More info about Karma boxes here

3. You can now add a tip to your Karma orders

The hospitality sector is suffering tremendously during this pandemic. At Karma we can't imagine a world without our favourite local food businesses. We know a lot of our users feel just the same because a lot of you reached out to ask us how you can help.

This is why we now allow you to add a tip to every order you make on Karma. Because it's a tip and not a donation, you can't donate to our partners who don't have an active sale and it's an item just like any other on the app so the Karma fee applies to orders with tips. But 100% of every tip goes to the food business you tipped and we are working on a solution for donations to raise money for our partners outside of our normal ordering process.

4. Subscribe to meal boxes, delivered to your door every week

Restaurants have plenty of unsold food these days, we can easily collect and deliver great food from the best restaurants, direct to your door! Simple, smart, valuable and with a huge impact and help to save local businesses in this hard times for them.

More info about smart meal boxes here (swedish)

5. Full price items can now be sold on the app

Most of our partners, big and small, have experienced steep drops in sales in parallel to decreased footfall. We want to stand with them and help them during these difficult times. Since we've launched home delivery, we've decided to allow them to sell full price items too on the app to compensate for their reduced sales. As most of us are staying at home in self isolation it's also a way to get more items with every order you make on Karma.

Example of locations offering full price items too:

Meza to Go, Kungsholmen, Restaurang Hantverket, Sturegatan, The Italian Cousins, Odengatan, The Italian Cousins, Hornsgatan, Eatery Social Skanstull, Bar Burger Cafe, Solna, Café Gården, Hammarby sjöstad, Sjöstadens Marina, Hammarby sjöstad, Steam Krukmakargatan, Söder

Other cities:
Kicthen & Table, Östersund, Gloria, London, Circo Popolare ID, London

UPDATE: Thanks to some feedback from a lot of you we've realised that it's not a great user experience to receive undifferentiated push notifications for surplus items and full price items. We're working on a solution right now.

6. The pink Karma fridge in several grocery stores

We have several fridges in common areas, malls and offices within Sweden. Since many of these places are temporarly closing or becoming unaccesable for you, we are moving these fridges to different new grocery store locations.

This means that you can shop your regular groceries to half price in the Karma app, and collect your order at the Karma fridge located at that grocery store.

Karma fridges exists at several grocery stores:


Coop Dagslivs, Solna Centrum, Kvantum Lijleholmen, Hemköp Sabis Fältöversten, Hemköp Gullmarsplan, Petite Sabis, ICA Kvantum Sickla, ICA Kvantum Farsta, Filmhuset Bar & Bistro, ICA Stop, Täby, ICA Supermarket Skogsås

Other cities:
ICA Odenhallen, Östersund, ICA Kvantum Emporia, Malmö, ICA Maxi Stormarknad Partille, Maxi ICA Stormarknad Välsviken, Maxi ICA Stormarknad Kungsbacka, ICA Kvantorum Höganäs, ICA Kvantum Ystad, ICA Kvantum Södra Sandby, ICA Maxi Allingsås, Maxi ICA Stormarknad Kungälv, Maxi ICA Stormarknad Karlstad

More fridges are being shipped to grocery stores every week.

Are you interested in getting a gridge to your store?

Info about getting a fridge here

Safety comes first

These are complex times, and things are changing quickly. We take the COVID-19 situation seriously and stay up to date with local government guidelines.

According to latest research, there is no evidence of infection spread via food or beverages. We have taken the following security measures in our food delivery:

  • A person who has symptoms, even mild, will stay home and never deliver food
  • Hands are washed regularly and disinfectants are used between each delivery
  • Where possible, Karma deliveries will be made with no contact

For more information about Karma and our efforts due to COVID-19, contakt us.

Are you a business who want so start selling with Karma?

We help you get started on the day! Just register here, and you will be able to sell your food to our 1 million users the same day. If you want to offer home delivery, full priced items or get your meals in the weekly delivered meal boxes (as described above), contact us here and we will sort that too! We stand by the hostpitaility sector in these hard times.