Food waste hacks: the journey starts in your fridge

Did you know fruit and veg have the highest wastage rates of any food? 😱

It's time to change that! Below is a list of food waste hacks in order to inspire all of us to reduce our waste. Which fruit or veg would you most like to discover new recipes with? Let us know in the comments.


There are literally millions of bananas getting thrown away in the world every single day. 1.4 million to be exact! This has to change. Let’s come up with as many things as possible we can do with a ‘ripe’, brown banana.

Write in the comments at least 1 thing you can do with it.

We'll go first: fry it with some sweetener, and enjoy with some ice cream of your choice. 🍦


A few forgotten strawberries left in your fridge? 🍓🍓🍓Let's not let them go to waste!

Here are a few tips:

- Put them in cupcakes

- Make a jam

- Blend them into a morning smoothie

If none of those take your fancy, freezing strawberries (or any fruit for that matter) is a good way to save them for later!


Often the forgotten part of the broccoli, the stem is totally edible and completely delicious.

Here is what you taught us to do with them, instead of putting them in the bin:

  • Skin them and dip them in hummus
  • Cut them into fries and roast them
  • Add them to a hearty soup
  • Include them in a colourful salad

Here's a quick end-of-the-week tip:

check your fridge once a week and make a soup of the 'single' veggies. De-licious👌

Share your #foodwastehacks below!