Karma stands by the Global Climate Strike

Karma stands by the Global Climate Strike

The world is raising its collective voice against climate change, led by a powerful new generation of climate strikers. At Karma, we stand firmly behind this, because:

1. As adults, we have a duty to support the next generation in every possible way.

2. This is an opportunity to change our future, but we can only do it together.

3. Respecting the planet is part of our DNA.

It’s important to remember that fighting climate change is a team effort. Begin with small steps. For example, decrease your food waste. Try to refuse plastic, to take the bike or train more often or lend your support to the strike? There are plenty of ways to make a change.

Together we’re working for a brighter future. For the Zero Food Waste Generation.

Find a climate strike in your city at globalclimatestrike.net