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How to rescue 6 full bags of fresh food for London charities

Great food that is available across London can easily be handed to a local charity. See how the Karma team rescued food and delivered it to a local charity with The Felix Project. You can easily do the same!

Last week, Team Karma UK spent a sunny evening rescuing food across London and delivering it to a local charity with The Felix Project.

Founded by Justin Byam Shaw, The Felix Project are a UK based food charity with sustainability at its heart. Like us they’re also against food waste, rescuing food across the UK and delivering it for free to people suffering hunger and food poverty via charities and schools.

Follow us as we traipse around Old Street and the city delivering good food to good causes.

First stop was the urban locker where The Felix Project safely store their bags and hi-vis vests. The bags are super comfortable and allow you carry a vast amount of rescued goods, we’re pretty sure a person could climb inside one of those bags. Is this how a snail feels?

The 10.000 steps walk for 6 full bags of food

And we’re off! We headed to several EAT locations across the city to rescue their surplus sandwiches, salads and other fresh edible food.

Little re-group. We split the EAT locations with the team to cover as many (and rescue as much) as possible!

And we’re off again! Stumble across this odd lopsided house on top of the walkway!

Success! Sam and Georgie awkwardly pose for a photo outside of the EAT because we asked them too. After 10000’s of steps and seeing new sides of East London & the City, we delivered 6 full bags of fresh food to EAT for The Salvation Army.

We’ll definitely be doing this again soon.

Interested in volunteering with The Felix Project?

Volunteer on foot or by car/van to help rescue food across the UK is easy and anyone can to it, see how and where here.

Karma rescued 6 bags of fresh food from EAT for The Salvation Army. You can do the same.

Rescue food for a charity here.