Turn your unsold items into new customers and additional revenue streams

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Cafés on Karma get more than 1000 new customers per month

Displaying a variety of fresh grab and go meals is great for sales and promoting your café, but is also the main cause of food waste. Even one single wasted meal a day translates to a lot of costs over time. Karma translates a previously wasted meal into new customers and revenue instead! 


Karma users revisits a restaurant 2,5 times after they discovered it on Karma

Estimated value: €144,000 / year
Cost: Free



Reach over 500,000 Karma users every time you upload your surplus

Estimated value: €240,000 / year
Cost: Free


Karma’s Café partners make an average of €21,249 annually from their surplus food – instead of wasting it.

Estimated value: €21,249 / year
Cost: 12.5% of ordinary listing price



In one year, the average café sells 7,083 surplus items on Karma – That equals 3,541 kg in reduced CO2 emissions!

Estimated value: PR Value
Cost: Free

“The collaboration with Karma means that we can, in a simple and good way, save the food that may be over at the end of the day, an important part of our sustainability work. The goal is that all our coffee shops will be connected next year. It feels great that we are up and running and we look forward to saving food with Karma”

Head of sales

Espresso House


How it works:

  • Upload your surplus food (eg. close to expiry items) in seconds
  • Keep the items behind your deli counter for an easy to find pick up point
  • Welcome your new customers with a smile! Karma has already taken care of the payment through the app, allowing you to focus fully on your new customers.


    Some of the biggest cafés use Karma