Turn your surplus into new customers, upsell and revenue. While saving the planet. 

Free and no obligations

Working with some of the best brands in the world

Karma is the easiest way to maximize value from your surplus. Upload your items and we’ll make sure it sells out. 

Every time you upload food on Karma local users in your area are alerted, promoting your store to thousands of new customers. Once a purchase has been made, the Karma user will pick it up in store, creating additional foot traffic. While in store, 65% of Karma users go on to buy further items at an average value of €20.

Total new value per year: €425,000

Karma hooks into your existing routines and gives you a lot of benefits


1200 new customers a month, over 65% go on to purchase an additional value of €20.

Estimated value: €150,000 / year
Cost: Free



Reach over 500,000 Karma users every time you upload your surplus.

Estimated value: €240,000 / year
Cost: Free


Our Grocery Store partners generates an extra €2,800 in monthly revenue

Estimated value: €36,000 / year
Cost: 12.5% of ordinary listing price


Less handling = cost saved. A store spends on average 8 minutes with Karma

Estimated value: €5,000 / year*
Cost: Free

*Based on -1 hour per day on minimum wage (€9.11/h)



Be sustain-unbeliavable and make people aware of your effort. The average store saves 80-90% of their waste instead of having it go to waste


With Karma for Charity you can donate what doesn’t sell, to local charities.

Estimated value: priceless
Cost: €10 / donation

What our customers say

“80-90% of what otherwise would have been thrown, now generate additional revenue. But the big gain is that we actually save food together with our customers. The “throw box” now goes into Karma instead of ending in the green vessels, which feels much better for all employees.”

Tobias Nilsson

Store owner, ICA Kvantum Liljeholmen

Read more in our case studies

ICA Liljeholmen - Food rescuer of the year 2018!

ICA Liljeholmen was one of the first grocery stores to partner with Karma. In 2018 they were awarded “Food Rescuer of the Year” in Sweden. Today, ICA Liljeholmen continue to save 1,300 items from being wasted every month. This is equivalent to 750 kg of great food rescued from the bin, generating €18,500 in additional revenue. To achieve all of this, ICA Liljeholmen seamlessly integrated Karma into their daily routine, utilising the Karma app daily for the best results.

Rescued Items: 17,400
Rescued CO2 emissions: 8,668 kg

How Hemköp turned a food waste problem into a profit

In the first months of partnering with Karma, Hemköp Malmö Plaza’s main focus was ready meals and to go items. After the collaboration proved a success, they expanded their items to include fruit, bread and general groceries. The new mix of items uploaded in the app made an immediate and positive impact on sales. Instead of having great food go to waste, Hemköp Malmö Plaza are now rescuing more than 1,000 items per month, generating additional foot traffic and revenue. They currently reduce CO2 emissions by 0.5 tonnes monthly through their work with the Karma app

Rescued Items: 2,100
Rescued CO2 emissions: 682 kg

Coop’s success story: 200 kg of food rescued in 2 months

Coop’s collaboration with Karma resulted in instant revenue generation for the chain, and an impact in the battle against food waste on a local store level. . The continued and growing partnership with Coop across multiple store locations been popular with Karma’s user based and generated free marketing to the value of €115,000. Karma actively promotes Coop through the app’s map function to attract users that are close to a Coop store, push notifications and social media channels. Goodbye waste – Hello money is probably the best summary of the fruitful partnership between Coop and Karma.


How Karma works:

  • Upload your surplus food (eg. close to expiry items) in seconds
  • Store the items behind your deli counter for an easy to find pick up point  
  • Welcome your new customers with a smile!! Karma has already taken care of the payment through the app, allowing you to focus on your new customers.

Integrate to your current waste tracking solution?

Do you already have a way to identify items that are close to expiry? Great! Let Karma take it from there and drive sales. Contact us for more info (hello@karma.life).

The Karma fridge that automates the pickup

The Karma fridge automates food pickup in store. The fridge has been developed through a unique collaboration with Electrolux to streamline the storage and collection of grocery store items. Save your staff time as the fridge is both easy to find and provides a seamless and simple technical solution. In addition, the fridge is innovative, stylish and shows customers you are serious about reducing food waste.

The Karma fridge was piloted at ICA Kvantum Liljeholmen in Stockholm, Sweden. ICA has since gone on to enjoy massive PR and was recently announced Rescuer of the year 2018 for saving more than 10,000 items, 200 items weekly!

Using Karma is an obvious choice for us, the fridge has now helped us even more with effiecency and saves a lot of time!

Tobias Nilsson

Store owner, ICA Kvantum Liljeholmen

The fridge is making headlines in media