Turn unsold meals into new customers and revenue

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Goodbye waste – Hello money!

8 out of 10 meals uploaded to Karma sell instantly.

Karma turns your surplus into profit! We know having the perfect match of meals and customers is a huge challenge. You would never risk selling out before peak hours ends. Not taking that risk makes it quite easy to have leftover meals at the end of service. Even one single wasted meal a day translates to a lot of costs over time. With Karma, translate a previously wasted meal into new customers and revenue instead!


Karma users revisits a restaurant 2,5 times after they discovered it on Karma

Estimated value: €151,200 / year
Cost: Free


Current restaurant partners are generating an extra €80,000 with Karma – instead of having to waste it.

Estimated value: €80,000 / year
Cost: 12.5% of ordinary listing price



Reach over 500,000 Karma users every time you upload your surplus.

Estimated value: €140,000 / year
Cost: Free



Be sustain-unbeliavable and make people aware of your effort. The average restaurant saves 738 meals a month, that equals 4,428 kg CO2 rescued


“Before Karma we gave away leftover lunch to staff to take home, and some were thrown away. With Karma we now get new customers and we sell out every time we upload food!”

Niklas Odin

Head chef, Vassa Eggen


How Karma works:

    • Upload your surplus food (eg. close to expiry items) in seconds
    • Keep the items behind your deli counter for an easy to find pick up point 
    • Welcome your new customers with a smile! Karma has already taken care of the payment through the app, allowing you to focus fully on your new customers. 

Jesper Weidlitz, CEO Urban Deli

“For Urban Deli, Karma is a very good complement. Our business concept is based on a sustainability thinking where we utilize the synergies between our stores and restaurants to reduce food waste. To further strengthen this through Karma feels natural and is positive for us, our customers and for the environment.”

Rescued Items: 22, 265
New customers: 27,268

Per Karlsson, head of production, Stjärnköket Arlandastad.

“It is actually the people behind Karma who are the big food savers. They understood what was needed for restaurants and the public to find each other. We are constantly working to keep food waste down and improve our forecasts, but it is impossible to completely remove some overproduction. It feels good that what is over will benefit both our own employees and people in the companies in the area ”

Free marketing valued €35,000 monthly.

Kitchen & Table reach 30,000 customers each time they upload their surplus food to the app – imagine the sell-out rate!

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