What you’ll find in your Karma Box?

Firstly there is our delicious fruit and veg! This produce is sourced from wholesalers and farms across the South West of England, in particular Sussex and Surrey - that would otherwise have been wasted for several different reasons.

Sadly, lots of fruit and vegetables are wasted before they end up in the supermarket. Sometimes they are too big, sometimes too small - or perhaps they are misshapen. The same goes for other products too. During our time fighting food waste, we have got to know many like-minded brands that want to eliminate food waste too. For some, it is pretty tricky. Supermarkets often won’t let them add products to their shelves that are nearing the end of their life, but they’re still perfectly delicious and have weeks left to enjoy them. That’s where the Karma Boxes come in. We can partner up with these brands, to feature as surprise guests in your box. Good for you, and great for the planet! In the past, our box has featured surplus products from Innocent, KIND, Bonne Maman and many others! Read more in detail about why waste occurs.

What fruit & veg can I expect to find in my box?:

Our fruit & vegetable mix changes depending on the season, as our produce is locally sourced and grown.However, to give you an example - our most recent boxes a mix of the following: Aubergine / Asparagus / Cucumber / Carrots / Tomatoes / Radishes / Spring Onion / Potatoes / Onions / Garlic / Chili / Leafy Greens / Bananas / Pears / Apples / Rhubarb / Melon / Strawberries / Apricots / Nectarines / Swede / Butternut Squash / Rocket

Becoming a Karma Box Partner

We’re always looking for great partners for our box, whether you’re from a wholesaler or from a brand that wants to reduce its surplus waste!

If you’re interested in joining us, please reach out at karmaboxsupport-uk@karma.life as we’d love to hear from you. supplier@getkarmabox.com