1/3 of all food produced is wasted

Sweden alone throws 1.2 million tonnes of edible food yearly. So far, Karma has saved half a million items from ending up in the bin

How? By connecting people to discounted surplus food, great food becomes someones cheap dining.

10 billion tons of food is produced yearly

The CO2 emissions caused equal 3 million cars.

Out of all food 1/3 is wasted

The waste equals 1 trillion dollar in losses.

With Karma restaurants sell their unsold food

Instead of going to waste, unsold food generates revenue.

App users buy at half price

It’s time efficient, tasty and rewarding for all parts.

Why sell food

Reduce global food waste

Get new customers

Earn up to €50,000 annually

Why buy food

Protect the environment

Eat great food

Always a 50% discount

Why sell food:

– Protect the environment

– Get new customers

– Up to £40.000 yearly profits

Why buy food:

– Protect the environment

– Eat great food

– Save money (min 50% discount)

Together, we make a difference!

50,000 items/month are rescued with the app

Users from 150+ cities happily buy surplus food off restaurants hands.

210 tonnes of food  diverted from landfills

That is food enough to fill more than six double decker busses.

That’s 25,000 days of car use compensated

Food rescued in Karma has reduced CO2 emissions by 315 tonnes.

Read more about global waste and consumption

10 billion tonnes of food is produced annually – 1/3 of it is wasted

  • Europe is responsible for 11 millions tonnes of food waste annually.
  • 30% of food waste comes directly from retailers, like restaurants and cafes.
  • In Sweden, 1.2 million tonnes of wasted food creates 3 billion tonnes of CO2 every year.
  • Food waste has increased by 204% since 1960 and 50% since 1990.

The overproduction:

The waste is a trillion dollar economic problem with serious environmental global issues.

  • 20% of dairy products are wasted.
  • 35% of fish and seafood are wasted.
  • 45% of fresh produce vegetables are wasted.
  • 20% of meat products are wasted.
  • The average European wastes 173kg of food every year.
  • The average household throws away £1800 in food annually.

As long there is food waste, there has to be a solution

It’s challenging for businesses to estimate the daily or weekly consumption patterns of their customers. As long as the industry has waste, we need to join together to act smarter and more resourcefully. 

With Karma, it’s easy for businesses to maximize resources, while making a profit.

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